Eye for an Eye

Eye for an Eye is one of the 10 editorial fashion films commissioned by Vogue Italia and Fashion FilmFestival Milano for the project "Through My Eyes".

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The Brief

Think Cattleya asked us to create an interactive experience, to let the user interact with the film he’s seeing and choosing his own perspective.

  • Summary

    An interactive website hosting the fashion film “Eye for an eye” by Marco Prestini.
  • Solution

    We devised a solution that enables us to switch between two perfectly syncronized videos in order to see the both sides of the story.
  • Technologies

    HTML Video, Canvas Rendering, CSS3 Animations
  • Result

    The result is an elegant and innovative website. User can live the story from different point of view and switch them anytime he wants with a simpe click.

With this interactive film Marco Prestini explores the world of Gucci and tells a story from two different points of view. Starting form this idea we developed an experience that allows user to play with film and follow the two main characters inside and outside the house.


  • Interactive Director

    Francesco Bernabei

  • Producer Digital

    Letizia Di Battista

  • Art Director

    Sean Hobman

  • Interactive Developers

    David Hartono, Daniele Pelagatti, Neri Barnini

  • UX Designer

    Stella Grotti

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  • Technologies

    HTML Video, Canvas Rendering, CSS3 Animations

  • Platforms

    Desktop, Mobile, Tablet, Web

  • Release Date



Via IX Febbraio 7
50129 Florence, IT
VAT ID 06640500481
Cap. Soc. 10.000,00 €