Fendi Drone

MONOGRID worked in this project where Italian fashion house Fendi joined forces with UNIT9 to create the world’s first live-streaming catwalk show filmed by aeronautical Drone Cams.

The Brief

Create a San Pellegrino foodie social network site where user can upload picture, updates data real-time, has point based system and multilanguage

  • Summary

    Social network website with picture upload functionality, point based system, mobile friendly and multilanguage
  • Technologies

    Javascript, Angular, Node JS
  • Solution

    We created a system where user can utilizes mobile phone camera and webcam to upload picture and by implementing codethat maintain communication with server to update user data, we managed to create an engaging picture based foodie social network
  • Result

    Accessible and usable from all devices, desktop, tablet and mobile, user can enjoy real time foodie social network and upload pictures anytime anywhere

Users were able to visit to view Fendi’s A/W14 show, with the option to switch between standard ground-based cameras and the aerial shots provided by bespoke flying Fendi-branded Drones. The experience merged a live-action broadcast with amazing technological production. The creative team at UNIT9 designed and built this experience in a single month, teaming with Google to produce a truly innovative fashion broadcast.

Through a process of meticulous research, prototyping, and creative problem-solving, UNIT9 was able to overcome the innate problems of timing, safety, and quality. The team became experts in Drone technology by learning on-the-fly, taking fashion’s first branded drones to the sky. UNIT9 used three drones to capture the runway from every angle, streaming live from drone to site. Viewers were given the option to alternate between ground-camera footage and our drone’s live feed, creating an unprecedented 360º streaming experience.


  • Production Company


  • Creative Director

    Francesco Bernabei

  • Lead Developer

    Daniele Pelagatti

  • Tech Lead

    David Hartono

  • Brand


  • Project Link
  • Technologies

    Drone, HTML5

  • Platforms

    Desktop, Mobile, Tablet, Web

  • Release Date



Via IX Febbraio 7
50129 Florence, IT
VAT ID 06640500481
Cap. Soc. 10.000,00 €