GIF Paradise
Gif Paradise is an interactive installation that invite users to create Animated GIF in a fun way. Presented during the Dubai Design District second anniversary festival called Meet D3, it had an enormous success, resulting in more or less 10.000 GIF in 3 days.

The Brief

Satwa 3000, an art collective in Dubai, participated in MeetD3, the annual celebration of Dubai Design District. The concept was to create an installation that allowed users to easily create, see and share a fun GIF.

The installation consists of 4 different rooms, Bullet time, Green screen, Kaleidoscope and Kinect room, where users can enter, interact with the installations and come out receiving an Animated GIF they can share on social media. Besides this, the recently created GIF is projected on the LED wall outside the building. Partnered with Buzz Brothers Switzerland, MONOGRID was responsible for finding solutions for the hardware part.


MONOGRID worked on the hardware part of 3 installations. For Bullet time we created a 180 degrees rig with 6 webcams attached on it, a physical button and we coded custom software to snap from 6 webcams simultaneously and send the result to the server. For Green screen and Kaleidoscope room, we invented a physical button and custom software to record short videos and send it to the server automatically.

The technologies that we used are Processing and Arduino.


Fun, user friendly and stable, the installations were running for 3 days non stop, 12 hours each day without a problem. Users were quick to understand how the installation worked and have been impressed by the results and GIFS displayed in the LED wall, having fun sharing them on social media.




David Hartono

Buzz Brothers

Tech Lead

Laurent Rime

Software Developer

Nicolas Bosy

Web Developer

Andrea Giuffrida


Via IX Febbraio 7
50129 Florence, IT
VAT ID 06640500481
Cap. Soc. 10.000,00 €