Gomorra VR 360°

MONOGRID worked closely with Think Cattleya and Sky to make the Gomorra 360 experience
even more immersive, thanks to the Samsung Gear Oculus device.

The Brief

Sky Atlantic HD asked Think Cattleya and MONOGRID to upgrade the Gomorra 360 website into a VR experience, where the user can live the backstage of the series, and visiting it at 360° from different point of view.
User is guided through 4 chapters set in 4 different locations of the Italian popular series.

The Solution

The app has been developed using the latest unity engine which provides great flexibility and control over the look and feel of the 360 environment.
Using a dynamic video texture combined with 3D placed interface elements allowed us to bring the Gomorra film set to life and immerse the user in the making of this critically acclaimed series.

Special attention to details was paid for the user interaction.
We devised a system where user interaction does not stand in the way of the immersive footage: UI elements are placed strategically and behave in a way that does not interfere with the environment.

Wearing the Samsung Gear VR the user can immerse himself into the set of the second season of Gomorra, the series. Panning around through actors, make-up artists, camera operator and sound mixer user takes part in the shooting of some scenes, looking from different point of views.

Unity engine provides a way to implement Mobile apps using a visual WYSIWYG editor and proved to be very useful in the creation of the App. MONOGRID Developers were able to preview the VR world in the editor and place interactive elements dynamically inside the experience using C# as a coding language.



Creative Director

Francesco Bernabei

Project Manager

Letizia di Battista

Tech Lead

Daniele Pelagatti

Art Director

David Hartono

Art Director

Annamaria Greco


Neri Barnini


Live Action Producer

Cecilia Barberis

Live Action Executive Producer

Philip Rogosky



Aurelien Simon

Camera Rigs

David Crone

Camera Operator

Chris Belcher

Camera Operator


Camera Operator

Ben Mills

Motion Designer

Stefano Ottaviano

VFX Artist

Davide Preite

VFX Artist

Stefano Pasotti

VFX Artist

Zlaten del Castillo

Sound Design

Daniele Carmosino


Via IX Febbraio 7
50129 Florence, IT
VAT ID 06640500481
Cap. Soc. 10.000,00 €