Kinect Experience

The kinect experience project was built by MONOGRID as an interactive installation for a studio event, it allows a multi-user interaction with a virtual world.

  • Summary

    An experiment to apply Kinect technology in creative digital application
  • Technologies

    Kinect, 3D, Javascript, NodeJS server
  • Solution

    Render user figure in 3D and provide interactive in 3D world by using also physics
  • Result

    Fun digital experience where user 3D avatar can interact with 3D objects that has physics attribute

The kinect experience project was built using javascript and node.js technologies: centered around Three.js ( ) and the kinect2 ( ) libraries it tracks multiple user’s bodies ( up to 6 users at the same time) and represents them in a 3D environment.
We first started developing the project as a simple avateering experiment in which we tried to reconstruct the user’s body in the 3D environment, it then evolved into a full fledged physics simulation of user’s interaction with virtual objects.

Adding a physics engine to the experiment was, in fact, the cornerstone of the development: we were suddenly able to interact with the virtual environment in a fun and engaging way.
The user can kick the “virtual balls” and even grab them and throw them in the air, to another user maybe!
The natural evolution of the experiment would be to add a soccer goal or a basket where the users need to throw the balls. this evolution was planned but lack of time made it impossible to complete in time.


  • Art Director

    Francesco Bernabei

  • Tech Lead Developer

    Daniele Pelagatti

  • Brand


  • Technologies

    HTML5, WebGL, Video Processing, Kinect

  • Platforms

    Desktop, Mobile, Tablet, Web

  • Release Date



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50129 Florence, IT
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Cap. Soc. 10.000,00 €