Lanificio Luigi Ricceri

UNIT9 worked closely with Lanificio Luigi Ricceri to create an immersive interactive brand lookbook available on tablet and mobile.The beautiful HTML5 site takes you on a journey of texture and color, giving you a chance to explore in details the diversity of wool fabrics in the Ricceri factory.

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We took the role of storytellers, sharing the rich history of The Lanificio Luigi Ricceri wool factory in a beautiful and memorable way, merging video and interactivity in a mobile friendly website. Family-run, the Ricceri brand stands for creativity and innovation in the world of fashion. Founded back in 1925 by Luigi Ricceri in Bologna, Italy, the factory has been reinventing the ways to work with wool, producing high quality fabrics in exquisite palette of colours and textures. Two generations later, Francesco and Luigi, founder’s grandson, continue to deliver new and innovative fabrics.

In order to make this possible, Creative Director Francesco Bernabei and his team filmed each fabric and then custom build different navigation tools for HTML5 to give users the ability to explore the videos, playing with the fabrics as if they are holding them in hand. For example, through the tilt effect you can see the different nuances of the colours in each fabric and once you start tilting the fabric in different directions you can even see the light illuminating and bouncing of the textile.


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