Super Duper Hats

MONOGRID for Super Duper Hats is a 360 degree VR experience of the Fall/Winter 2016/17 Collection 'Faith'

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The Brief

Super Duper Hats would like to create a video that display their newest collection with different variety of hats in innovative way while keeping the experience short enough to keep the attention of the viewer.

  • Summary

    A 360 VR video to display various hats in creative way by creating clone of one model
  • Technologies

    VR, After Effects, 360 Camera Rig
  • Solution

    Multiplying the model who wears hat by using smart editing and recording, this way lots of hats are displayed in short amount of time.
  • Result

    The same models is seen in different places with different hats to create curiosity for the user to look around

With the Tribeca Factory Interiors space in Prato, Italy as its location, this VR experience is literally meant to turn heads. Following the model as he fills up the space, multiplying within the room, Super Duper Hat's Fall/Winter 2016/17 collection 'Faith' is put on display.

The concept of this video was realized with a 6-GoPro Rig; and executed in post-production as a multilayerd sequence. This video allows the viewer to experience an creatively designed space and markets both the Super Duper Hats brand and the Tribeca Faactory Interiors-- a multifaceted collaboration.


  • Executive Producer

    Francesco Bernabei

  • Editor

    Raika Khosravi

  • Brand

    Super Duper

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  • Technologies


  • Platforms

    Desktop, Mobile, Tablet, Web

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Via IX Febbraio 7
50129 Florence, IT
VAT ID 06640500481
Cap. Soc. 10.000,00 €