Created for TIM, this 360 degree VR learning experience follows the interview between Fabio Fazio and the inventor of the World Wide Web, Tim Berners-Lee.

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The Brief

TIM wanted to create an engaging 360 degrees VR interview video, not only the usual 360 degrees but one with dynamic engaging visual that evolves with the topic of the interview

  • Summary

    360 degrees VR experience of interview with Tim Berners-Lee for TIM
  • Technologies

    VR, After Effects, 3D, 360 Camera Rig
  • Solution

    Combining live action 360 footage with special effect overlaid on top
  • Result

    The special effect overlay that changes based on the interview topic gives an extra emphasis on the interview topic

An educative VR experience, this video transports you into an almost futuristic space as the interview between Fabio Fazio and the inventor of the World Wide Web, Tim Berners-Lee unfolds. With animated graphics accompanying the talk, this experience is meant to visually entice and allow access to one of the world's greatest inventors.

Celebrating almost 30 years, the World Wide Web was the start of a new era ad Sir Tim Berners-Lee describes his creatived and developmental process from 1989 to toady.
This video combines factual history with modern day technology.


  • Executive Producer

    Francesco Bernabei

  • Creative Director

    Francesco Bernabei

  • Editor

    Raika Khosravi

  • Director of Photography

    Filippo Chiesa

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  • Platforms

    Desktop, Mobile, Tablet, Web

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